Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals, families, and couples with the resources and help needed to thrive in their lives, preparing them to take on the world as they become better versions of themselves. 

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                   Our Services


Couple's Therapy

Couples therapy allows couples to discuss their issues in a safe environment through exploring negative patterns of interacting. Our clinician helps the couple discover how those patterns begin and addresses what can help to bring forth change. 

Individual Therapy Services

No matter the issue, we want to help you see a brighter future for yourself and the life you are creating. In a private and safe space, you are provided the tools necessary to develop essential skills that will help you feel better about your tomorrow. You matter and we want to show you why! 

Happy Family

Family Therapy Services

No family is immune to struggles. Family therapy helps to identify patterns of dysfunction, recognize the roles of each family member, and help achieve harmony and balance within the family structure. 

Consultation Services

Consultation services include providing clinical supervision to new and eager clinicians by providing guidance, education, and clinical hours to help them with effectively developing their path as a future towards liscenure.

*Now accepting Medicaid. Private pay and sliding fee options available. 


        Meet Our Clinician 


Phaecia A. Ward, MSW, LCSW

She is #yourphayvoritetherapist. With continuing education in pursuit of obtaining her Doctorate in Social Work and over a decade of experience, Phaecia A. Ward's career has spanned throughout areas of child welfare, home-based therapeutic services, community mental health, and education. She has dedicated her career to social work to children/adolescents, families, adults, and couples using principles of advocacy, social justice, and leadership as her guide. Her focus is to be a change agent: working collaboratively to help individuals and communities create goals and objectives that would lead to sustainable change in their lives and environments. 

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